Shocking 3 Ways To Make $10 An Hour For Stay At Home Moms

Shocking 3 Ways to Make $10 an Hour for Stay At Home Moms

Making money on the internet is getting easier each day. There are usually new and exciting things going on with interment advertising. More great people than ever beginning to do something they have usually dreamed of. There are still lots of opportunities yet to tap upon on the internet.

Some are completely criminal while others are authentic ways to make a dwelling.

Am sure you don’t want to start online businesses to make $10 an hour, right? Our goals are much bigger. But here’s what newcomers need to know. That only seasoned online pros can tell you – you’ve got to start somewhere. 

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There are three key components to that sentence – “You have got to start somewhere.” 

  • First  “You,” because nobody is going to do it for you.
  • Second is “Have got to start”  – if you haven’t started to make money online, now is the time.  Not tomorrow. Not next month. NOW.  
  • The third is “Somewhere.” Meaning you’re not going to start out making a thousand dollars an hour or a million dollars a year. It’s not going to happen. You start out making a dollar or 10 dollars an hour, and you move up from there.  
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I’m not saying you can’t move up fast – You can, but you have to START. Whatever it is that you’re able to start. Because everybody it’s making a few dollars an hour online and working from home.

But if you don’t want to work your way up, that’s no problem. Please close this site and go find a get rich quick scheme 2 or 20. Then get back to me when you’re rich (should be next week sometime, right?) You might even get lucky and find yourself a one-hit-wonder.   

You know, like those musicians who get a song on the charts. – And then can never duplicate their success so they fade away. It’s almost worse then never getting success at all because then people say, “I know that song, who did that?” “Oh yeah, that was …….” ( I don’t write a name there, because I want you to fill that gap.

Almost everyone can remember some forgotten musician and their band-name). “What happened to them?” nobody knows They were one of those one-hit-wonder bands. who played everywhere, their lead singer is now chief cook at the hotel.”    that is 5 minutes of fame and the rest of their life is a punch line.

I see that happen in online marketing. Some newbie makes a product that sells a few hundred copies, they get some money in their pocket. And then they fade away, never to hear from them again. Who the heck needs that? But it’s the get rich quick mentality that makes failure like that happen.    For the rest of us who have the common sense.

We know you don’t win a marathon by starting on the finish line, let’s get started. And one more thing: As you begin making money online, a funny thing happens. You get addicted. You get to where you want to make more, and you do.

You want to find ways to leverage yourself and your work, and you do. You want to find methods to make a lot more money in a shorter amount of time, and you do. But it all starts at the beginning – making a few dollars an hour and then working up from there.   

 Method #1 freelancing

freelancing is one sure way for making $10 an hour online.  it’s freelancing writing articles or blog posts. Or building backlinks, or putting up websites, or whatever. Pick out that thing you do the best, and offer it as a service to others. Who either doesn’t do it as well as you or would rather hire you than do it themselves.  

What’s that? You don’t have a skill worthy of hiring out your services? Then get one. You’re going to need to master these skills to get good at online marketing anyway. So pick something that appeals to you, then research the heck out of it for 10 hours. The truth In 10 hours you can learn more about any topic than what most 99.9% of people know. Then advertise your service on this website.

Or any website that lets you sell services. They are tested and trusted website for you to try out. Start set your price cheap at the begging to get some clients and some testimonials. Then increase your pricing. 

Find faster ways to perform your service, and even hire out the work to someone else. In other words, LEVERAGE what you’re doing to increase your hourly rate. For example, if you’re getting paid $5 an article and you write 2 articles an hour, you’re making $10 an hour. Get faster to where you can write 4 articles and hour and you’re earning $20 an hour.

Get faster to where you can write 4 articles and hour and you’re earning $20 an hour.  Hire someone to write the articles for you for $2 apiece. When you’re earning $3 an article for reading them over and doing light editing. If you can edit 10 articles and hour, you’re earning $30 an hour. And so forth.

Of course, what is the problem with all this? You are trading time for money. Something that by itself will generally not get you to that magical six-figure per year income. Unless, of course, you not only hire out the work. You also hire someone to take the orders, edit the articles and fill the orders.  

Now you have a completely hands free system for making money. And it all started with you earning $10 an hour and working your way up from there.

Method #2 Writing and selling PLR writing

Selling PLR for making $10 an hour online. In my previous example, we were writing articles for others. Of course, in freelancing, you can choose to offer any service people are willing to pay for. writing articles was one example.

But what if, instead of writing articles for one person, we write a bundle of 10 to 15 articles on one specific topic. Using the best keywords for that niche. And then SELL that packet of articles to fellow marketers for their own private use?   

Now you can sell the same articles over and over again. If you sell that packet of 15 articles for $10, and you sell 15 packets, you’ve earned $150. If it took you 5 hours to write the articles, you’ve now earned $30 an hour. Of course, if it takes you less time, you earn more per hour. And if you sell more packets, you’ve again made more per hour.

There are PLR writers who do exactly this an am living proof. ( Let me expose a secret here. Take a look at this site logo, it represents the PLR articles I use to write. and if you have an interest I buying PLR pack articles send me an email ).

Some writer package bulk of articles. Offer those articles either on their own websites or on the Warrior Forum and do quite well.  Can you outsource the writing of the articles? Of course, you can. And with PLR, you are not limited to t articles. You can write blog posts, reports, e-books, make recordings, videos, etc.

You are also not limited by how many times you can sell each PLR product you create. Except you choose to set a limit to creating scarcity. So now you’re naming your own price, you’re creating a bank of products you can continue to sell for as long as you choose. And you’re also creating a loyal following of buyers.

Because once your buyers see that you offer good quality at a good price, they will come back time and time again. Your first PLR product only sells 10 copies, but then your next one sells to 10 new buyers and 5 of your previous buyers. And your next one sells to 10 new buyers and 10 of your previous buyers, and so forth.   

Every time you offer a new PLR product, you’ll have more customers who already know that you put out great stuff. And so they’ll snap it up in a heartbeat. Plus, as new customers arrive they’ll see your previous PLR products and buy some of those as well.

So that 1 packet of 15 articles you wrote 3 months ago, is still selling a couple of copies a week. And if you’re putting out new products every week, you’ve got more and more to offer and thus more and more to sell.

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Leverage this by outsourcing some or all the writing, and you’ve not only created a method to earn $10 or more per hour. you’ve actually got yourself a nice little business where you are in control. In fact, an ultimate brand business, but you also set the hours and you set the prices.

Do you see how you are progressing from a freelancer to a service provider? And it is that easy, but the first step is you have to actually START. And that’s the step that trips most people up.  

Read about how to sell your product here

  The second step, of course, is that once you start, you keep going. You’ll find the more you do, the more you want to do more. And it gets easier as you go because you’re building momentum and you’re seeing success. Plus as you go you’ll get more and more testimonials. Which will make it all that easier to make more and more sales and even to charge more money for any of your work.

Again, getting started is the hardest part. Yet it can be easy if you get started right now before you have a chance to put it off. There is nothing stopping you. Because if you have time to read this, then you have time to start your business. Freelancing or even jump straight into your PLR writing business. A bonus for you, if you have interest in starting PLR business. I can help you start with my tons of article ready-made for you at the lowest price.

Method #3 Write an Info Product on How You Did It.

Did you get started? Are you now making $10+ per hour freelancing? Or writing and selling PLR?   Then your next step is to write your own case study on how you did it and sell that. For example, you might title your report, “How I went from $0 to $10 an hour in one day, and now earn $30 an hour doing simple work.” Or something like that ( a bit shorter.)


It’s time to sell your report on the Warrior Special Offers forum. Or on your website or Clickbank or where ever you choose. In fact, no matter what you’re doing online to succeed. Once you get good at this you can always write a report detailing what you did and sell it to make easy extra money.

Here is an example, if you price your report at $7 and sell 50 copies, you’ve made $350. The cost to run a Warrior Special Offer is $40, so you’ve netted over $300 for something that took you 3-5 hours worth of work. That’s $60+ per hour, PLUS you now have 50 more buyers on your list that you can sell to again and again.

More tips whatever service you’re offering, be sure to offer it with a twist. If you’re writing articles, use a spinner to give them many versions of each article. Or use a program to transfer them into video, or blast the articles to article directories.  

If you’re doing backlinking, don’t offer a standard package of one type of backlink. offer a package that includes types of backlinks so it looks far more natural to the search engines. Your service could be something as simple as creating videos. Using any of the video programs out there. There are programs that make videos that look like Hollywood trailers. And others that make videos that look like home movies.

Do your research, find a program you like, and offer the service. Sure you might spend some money on software, or access to a special website. that produces these videos but then it’s as easy as ‘plugin and creates’ to fulfil your video orders.

Now I know a lot of people are going to want me to outline a detailed step-b-step plan. On exactly what you should do to earn your $10 an hour and work up from there, and I’m not going to do it. First, I’d have a hundred people all competing against each other and complaining of the competition.

Second, it’s not about me telling you what to do. It’s about you finding what you’re best suited for and following that path. More to the point, this is where you do your research and you find something that resonates with you. then you learn everything you can about it. Set aside 10 hours and learn, learn and learn. Then you’ll know more about your topic than most people do, and you’ll be ready to offer your service.

And it will be YOUR service, not something you copycatted. From a step-by-step action plan like a hundred other automatons machine. This isn’t about earning $10 an hour. this is about you stepping out of your comfort zone and stretching yourself a bit. This is about you taking your first steps without the aid of a hand railing. And it’s the best way to get started and realize how simple all this is if you’ll only DO IT.   

 Think About This.

 There are more and more people every day realizing the fact that they don’t have to punch a time clock day after day. They can become their own boss and be free from the daily grind of manual labour. In fact, there are so many people leaving their current jobs to make a living on the internet.

Offline jobs classification may start to suffer.  Many people see this as a wonderful thing although your boss may not agree. More important your business owner may not agree. In this article, I’ve put a link to where I and many others have started. We now have the freedom to sleep when we want.

Work when we want, spend more time with families. And all-around to do more of what we like and dreamed of doing than ever imagined. The greatest feeling of all though is not having to be financially stressed. The bills are paid, there is food on the table and life is great. 

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