How To Get More Comments On Your Blog

How To Build Blog Community To Get More Comments on Your Blog

  • Have you ever felt jealous of blogs that receive a huge number of comments?
  • Did you ever wish to have more comments on your blog posts?

If yes, your wait is over. Here is a post that will ensure you to get enough comments on your blog to satiate your hunger for comments. Follow these steps to get more comments on your blog and make a community of readers around your blog.

Blog comments are a form of token that certifies that readers have read your posts and the writing resonated with them to an extent that they thought to leave their feedback on the writing.

Blog comments are a way through which the readers can share their reaction of approval or denial in the context of the post written. In the same way, a writer can get genuine feedback and can connect with the readers through the comments below his post. When a new visitor comes to your blog, the first thing he notices is the number of comments received in the blog.

If a visitor finds some 70-80 people’s comment on the blog then he surely will have a positive attitude towards the blog. This in itself is half battle won. Blog comments also help in SEO of your blog.

You can use this plugin to get search engine traffic a.k.Organic traffic for the context of your blog comments. Yes, the ones you have not written too. More on this later!

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How to Increase Your Blog Comments?

1. Write an awesome piece of content

When you expect people to comment on your blog, you got to have content that catches their attention. Your content has to appeal to them, no matter if it does in a bad way. For every negative comment, you get a chance to let your reader know your point of view and at times you yourself learn to view things their way. This will only make your bond stronger and you will gain a loyal readership to your blog.

2. Ask a question at the end of the post

When you end the post with a question or an attempt for seeking reaction of the reader, you are sure to get their words. Most readers tend to share their point of view on a topic when specially asked for it. This will help you know their point of view on the topic. Provoking the readers to share what they think of a post will surely make them stay a while more on your blog and comment on the topic.

3. Make a Top X list

List posts are always a favourite among readers. The reason probably is because they give a sense of finite length. When you make a list of top X (replace X with your favourite number 5, 10, 15 so on) you try to pull the readers towards your post.

But, this strategy can be used to gain a good number of comments too. Mostly when you make such a list post, you sometimes tend to exclude products that according to others deserve to be in the list.

So when you conclude such a post, ask your readers if you missed a product they thought would make into it. You can also ask if their favourite product or item is included by you or not.

Ask the reasons why the items suggested by them should be on the list. This way you get a lot of responses which can be from there on made a conversation.

4. Give them the privilege to share their tip

When you are writing a post, weave sections inside the post to let them know that you are waiting for their tip on the issue. In the conclusion section, you could also ask them to share their tip on the problem the post is related to. Most readers like to share their advice. They will get exposure through it and you will get comments.

  • Use strong CTAUsing CTA or Call to Action
  • At the end of the post tends to do well. You can ask the users to subscribe to your blog, share it or buy something. But in this case, we need comments so ask the readers to leave one.
  • Cook a controversy
  • Controversial episodes tend to skyrocket the TRP of the daily soaps. If that weren’t the case millions of people wouldn’t be glued to their TV sets to watch Big Boss or other realities shows. Similarly, controversies tend to do well in blogging too. You can quickly grab a few eyeballs by writing on a controversial topic or by negating a widely accepted theory.
  • People will simply pour in your blog to get their voice placed. You will get a handsome number of shares too. But before taking such a step take care not to hurt someone and always say things that you can back with strong proofs in case you need to defend yourself. Just speaking randomly about a thing and then not having enough proofs to back you off is “suicide”.

5. Use different comments system

Sometimes, your audience might be active on a different medium than the one you might be waiting for them on. So try to evaluate the platform that enjoys your readers’ maximum attention and use it as your commenting system.

For example, if your site is related to viral stories, humour or fun stories or pictures of the same genre, chances are your readers are active on Facebook than any other social platform.

So use Facebook as the comment system. Still, you can have the standard blog comment facility for users who have a website or prefer not to share their Facebook ID with you.

This will work in both ways. Similarly, you can use the Disqus comment system that has assimilation of almost of the three popular social networks plus the standard commenting system too.

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Be polite in your tone – Being polite eases the visitor to settle down for some more time on your blog.

Interact with the replies – When a visitor comments he expects you to share your reaction or reply too. So firstly thank him for his comment. Politely state if you agreed to what he said or not. If you have a different point of view, explain it to him calmly without getting arrogant.

Don’t fall to your audience’s wish – yes; you should not succumb to your audience’s arrogance. After all, it’s your blog and you have an upper hand. Moreover, nobody will eventually love to read a blog that does not have its own voice or stand. So if someone is bullying you or strongly going against the rules of your blog, moderate that comment to trash.

Modify your “number of comments section” – Most blogs have the number of comments displayed near the title of the post and at the end of it. Imagine what could be a bigger turn off when your reader comes to see your post was published a week ago and the text near the title displays a blunt “No comments so far”.

So it would be wise of you to change the text displayed there to something more inviting like “Leave your comment”, or “click here to comment”.


Be giving – Nobody likes to visit your house if you don’t reciprocate their visit. Same is with blogging too. In order to get bloggers to comment on yours, you have to also visit their blogs and comment there.

Read this post to become a commenting superstar{ coming soon}. Commenting reliable and relevant opinion will not only strengthen your bond but also will make a community of your fellow bloggers.


plugin tools

If you are a WordPress user, there are plenty of plugins that will help you get a handful of comments.

Reply Email– Nobody visits a page for the second time to just see if you have replied to their comment unless it is that important to them. So use a reply email notification plugin that enables the commenter to choose to get notified by email.

When the blogger replies to them. This will help you get him/her back to commenting to them by sending them an email after you have responded to them.

SEO super comments – While this plugin in itself will not do anything to increase your traffic this will help you to get the maximum out of your hard-earned comments. This plugin will create a dynamic page on your blog for every comment that is published.

This means Google and other search engines will think that your blog is updated (which actually is the comment), and will index your website faster for the text that the comment has. This is because your comments are index-able, crawl-able and can also rank for the data in them. Yummy! Isn’t it? note this plugin is old you can only download it here

CommentLuv– Commentluv plugin is by far the best way to get more comment on your blog. What Commentluv does is that it gives a link back to the commenter’s site after the comment.

This link can be from the most recent 10 posts of him. This will make your blog a hot cake because everyone would like to get more exposure from leaving links to recent articles of them.

You got comments and they get exposure and link back. You can also choose to make the links dofollow or nofollow as you wish. I would say make them nofollow.

GASP + Akismet = No SPAM. The combination of these two guardians will save the blog of yours from spam comments.


If your site has loads of comments, see them as one huge resource skilled in generating free search traffic. This is what the blog Comments concept is about. Oh, and it can add more backlink from you. Have you use any plugin to increase your comments recently share it with me in the comment box

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