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Welcome to my wonderful world of BloggerClues.

Here you will learn how to live comfortably while working for yourself

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This is your channel to the right information feel free to go through our wealthy and proofed information.

All at your disposal we are here because of you, let me introduce myself.

Am Racham by name, I have no goal in life until I meet you now your Goal to succeed is my goal. My purpose is to help you in life.

Who Am I?


My friends called me RACHAM VICTOR  ( pen name)  but my legal name is Oladele Adewunmi. I’m an African boy born and raised in Lagos, one of the most beautiful and busiest states in Nigeria, also famous for many beaches, amusements, shopping malls, and street activities. Am honest, gentle and friendly.

I love writing articles about how to make money online, affiliate marketing and blogging tips. As a writer and freelancer, I provide a professional service to my client, and I love to be part of my friends’ life by caring for them but most of all I value my relationship with God.

Living in Africa is not easy, like most I have experienced what most people call the survival of the fittest. which most African will have pass-through or going through right now.

If you are also facing a hard time now don’t lose hope and worry less this too will pass, remember  No condition is permanent  that is our slogan. If I can survive it you can moreover you just landed on a success path which will take you to your dreamland faster than you think.


My Journey  As A Blogger.

I discovered blogging in early 2013, started a New Life Today WordPress.com and another agric site on

Google’s free platform Blogger.com, out of passion, In 2014 I started a blog about making money while you sleep. I join a referral program which I made $1000 from can you imagine in the time of recession here in Nigeria making so much money but not able to receive it because I’m not in the USA.

I am disappointed so I stopped blogging and I went into agriculture while learning what is working for African and what is not working. After finding what is working and not working I take my time to learn all I need to know.

Now I’m well equipped and I want to share rich my experience, my knowledge with you all I know in this field there is some guru, I don’t claim to be a guru but am an expert in my own world so come let us work this path together.

This blog is my passion to serve and bring the best way to change our situation around by giving you positive information, I did blogging for years until I learned the advantage of professional blogging knowing what am losing so I came back with full decision to make a career out of it. I started this blog to cover everything related to Recurring Ways Of Making Money Online.

About Bloggerclues

Bloggerclues is not just a hobby website but we’re professional, responsible, and understand the expectations of our readers, we’re committed to fulfilling them by sharing topics related to.

Blogging has always been the medium to voice one’s opinion, which after both offline and online aspects of our everyday life So either you interested in blogging for passion or for business.

Whenever you need any help or looking for some advice, you can contact us anytime. With high priority, we’ll try to solve and respond to your queries.

We used to do all the research and make blogging easier for you. Subscribe to our regularly publish of new articles on blogging tips, how-to guides, making money online, affiliate marketing, and tutorials too. We will also connect you to the right platform, where you can achieve financial freedom from the Internet.

You can follow me on social media or subscribe to the email newsletter for the updated guides and tutorials.

The time is now learning how to start making money online or you want to learn about blogging, you may have heard this word before “work online and sack your boss.” Once again, thank you for reading about me, nice meeting you too.

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